Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Be My Valentine

Be my Valentine?
That is all I longed for during my teen years a few decades ago in the Swinging Sixties.
I hoped and silently prayed that I would get a Valentine card sent in the post with a real stamp, (which I could add to my stamp collection), from a secret admirer!

In those days, handmade/ homemade was not sought after unless you or your parents lived a kind of Hippie lifestyle.
Nobody would venture into the world of arts and crafts and actually take the time and effort to make you a card or gift.
Valentine Cards had to be bought from a store. Picked off a shelf from a Stationers Shop in an anonymous fashion. And then to top it all, the name of the sender could not be anywhere and a message had to be written in Braille!.

Anyway I never received a Valentines Card during the Swinging Sixties.
But all these years later as I mellow and grow wise, I am still hopeful!!
Who knows??

But I digress, why write a blog called FELT 4U?

So, let me introduce myself.
My name is Elaine.
Elana, the redhead is my fashion fundi, felting, friend and together we enjoy a creative and independent lifestyle incorporating the arts and crafts.
Our passion is felting, nuno felting in particular.
We would love to engage with you, and share our work, ideas and thoughts through

With romance in the air we have created two special wraps for Valentine which are sold through our virtual store.

My Valentine and Marshmallow ( see pix)

Perfume wafts away but a wrap will softly envelope you always with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

We will be happy to have your feedback..

Elaine and Elana

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