Friday, October 30, 2009


Wearable Art
is often the way Elaine and I describe our nuno felted creations - the silk is our canvas and the multi-colored wool our palette. So, I was excited to read an article in Time Magazine recently about New Zealand's WOW Awards (World of Wearable Art) . This annual event is described as "equal parts couture, choreography and craziness." Entries are in several categories from children's garments to clothes that can be reflected under UV light to create exciting effects. Recycling is a common theme and there were items constructed from used neckties, old sofa parts and worn-out bicycle tires. A dress by Canadian designer, Angela Bright was inspired by 18th century French court excess but made with tea bags and coffee filters! No wonder they call it the WOW Awards!

Founder of WOW, Suzie Moncrieff calls the show "a glorious rebellion against the mundane".
This is exactly what makes me passionate about craft in general - in a world of globalization and mass production finding a unique, one-of-a-kind item which doesn't break the bank balance is a complete joy.
It's uplifting to meet the creator of the item you have purchased or in our case, meet the person who is going to wear a particular scarf or wrap. A very important point we have discovered selling through a virtual store is the connection and communication with the customer and the positive feedback we receive. It was exciting recently to make a sale in the USA to a gentleman who bought a wrap in his wife's favourite color as a surprise birthday present and she loved it. WOW, thats exactly how we feel when we receive such wonderful positive feedback from happy and satisfied customers.

What best sums up wearable art for FELT 4U is the collection of cobweb felted scarves and wraps made with with the softest merino woolroving interspersed with of hand dyed shibori silk creating a collage of texture and color. Really great for the free spirited individual who appreciates the organic flow of the item.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rio Olympics

One can only imagine the sense of double achievement Rio feels in its win to host the 2016 Olympics. Not only is it a first for the country, but on a grand scale this will be the first Olympics on the Continent of South America. Kudos to Brazil.

I remember when South Africa bid for the Olympics in the 1990's. Apartheid was dead, buried in the annals of history. There was an exciting feeling of optimism, an invincibility that "we have overcome" together with a sense of entitlement that South Africa deserved the honor and prestige of hosting the Olympics which would be the first on the African Continent. As you know South Africa lost that bid and I am not even sure who won.

Like me, you probably feel that Rio evokes a fusion of colors, passions, rythms and diversity which has inspired me to create my nuno felted tunic wrap which I have aptly name Rio.