Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rio Olympics

One can only imagine the sense of double achievement Rio feels in its win to host the 2016 Olympics. Not only is it a first for the country, but on a grand scale this will be the first Olympics on the Continent of South America. Kudos to Brazil.

I remember when South Africa bid for the Olympics in the 1990's. Apartheid was dead, buried in the annals of history. There was an exciting feeling of optimism, an invincibility that "we have overcome" together with a sense of entitlement that South Africa deserved the honor and prestige of hosting the Olympics which would be the first on the African Continent. As you know South Africa lost that bid and I am not even sure who won.

Like me, you probably feel that Rio evokes a fusion of colors, passions, rythms and diversity which has inspired me to create my nuno felted tunic wrap which I have aptly name Rio.



  1. You really are on the button - Viva Argentina, and Viva Rio - or whatever they say down there. A most fitting tribute.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and giving me so many great new blogs to follow . I love to learn and reading blogs is my favorite thing, (next to felting).

    You do some beautiful work and I love the rusty bed springs keeping my eyes peeled for rusty items and hoping to visit out local junk yard next year .

    Have a crafty day

  3. Thanks for dropping in to Planet Penny. Your Nuno felting is beautiful. I'm now off to look for a rusty bedspring!

  4. Thanks. Did you find a rusty bedspring?

  5. Great blog, and great stuff around here... Thank you for the honor of you naming a shawl after my native town , Rio! Yes, oh God we needed that... hopefully they will make a big change down there... it is a such beautiful place... so as you shawl! Congrats xoxo