Monday, March 16, 2009

Lets Celebrate Fashion

The runway shows are now on in Europe and every morning it’s a treat to read Suzy Menkes’s coverage in the International Herald Tribune. It also helps Elaine and I get inspired for the
nuno felted silk and wool scarves and wraps that we make under the label FELT 4U.
According to fashion trendsetters, next autumn will see scarves almost touching the floor! And the cowl neck is also still a big fashion statement.
I also loved to see the way men are also wearing their scarves. David Beckham and Leonardo Di Caprio were wearing theirs in recent photo shoots (both gorgeous!). Perhaps it’s time for
FELT 4U to stop ignoring the male market – but somehow we are getting more and more involved in extending our line into women’s fashion (note our new wrap shirts on and soon to be marketed Kimono wraps!)
But this is a digression from what I really intended to write about. I’ve been thinking a lot about how lucky we are that fashion has becoming so relaxed. Think back to a few decades ago when you were tied to a certain length of skirt or width of trouser leg depending on the fashion of the season. Colors were also set – if red was out, you wouldn’t be seen dead in it!
Nowadays there is very little considered to be a fashion faux pas. Colors can be matched whichever way you choose and you can realize your most eccentric fashion fantasies. Retro style lets us become as nostalgic as we want, boho chic means bringing out the hippy in us and gothic is a trendy way of just letting black abound in our closets. I love it!!! The only constraint is probably age – but that’s a subject that deserves its own lengthy diatribe.

So, this posting is really to say to all of you out there, feel free, enjoy whatever style and image you dream of having. Let’s celebrate the age in which we are living.
Best wishes to all of you out there in blogland

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